Thursday, January 22, 2009

New work up at Linebreak this week ...

The guy who reads the poem in the audio version does it WAY better than I could. Thanks to the Linebreak editors for treating their poems so well.

(And I hate to link to commercials, but if you want to watch the way Rube would have made a car, this is fun.)

In the best news I've had all week, I just found out that the Inquisition has risen from the ashes. For those unfortunate readers who were not students at Mclean High School in the late 80s-early 90s, this news will likely not fill your soul with joy. For those who were, though, I don't need to remind you of Allan Piper's little newsletter that took on national news and politics with more wit and insight than any high schooler really had the right to possess. I still remember by heart one of the paper's rare sallies into rhyme, around the time of the first Gulf War:

Little Hussein went out of his brain
And killed all the Kurds in his way.
Then Little Bush kicked Hussein in the tush,
but let him kill Kurds, anyway.

The Inquisition lives!


JeFF Stumpo said...

Congrats :-)

Anonymous said...

love your linebreak poem but i think christopher walken would have given it a better reading.
for the inauguration, i wish obama had chosen walken to read john ashbery
regarding wine: i'm sure there are bargains, but i've generally found the more you pay, the better it tastes.
-- mouse

Anonymous said...

elizabeth alexander gave another 2 billion people another reason never to open a poetry book.

M. C. Allan said...

I didn't love it either, but I think she had a horribly difficult task. Nice take on it here:,0,5305166.column

Oh, Walken reading Ashbery: an image that will make me happy for days!