Monday, August 18, 2008

More on Larkin

Mary Karr, the Washington Post's "Poet's Choice" columnist, wrote about Larkin in this weekend's book section.

How'd he describe himself at Oxford? As a balding salmon. Ultra-conservative in politics and art, he praised Margaret Thatcher and mocked experimenters like Picasso. For Larkin (a college librarian), poetry was "an affair of sanity, of seeing things as they are."

Definitely an odd duck on the poetry scene--or at least not the way most people imagine poets to be. Read more of her write-up and some Larkin tidbits here.


Anonymous said...

That's funny... I am a duck, and when someone marches out of step, we say "he was an odd Larkin." One never knows were such phrases come from.

Thank heaven for little blogs.

[Anon 3]

M. C. Allan said...

QOL, Anon 3 -- that's "quacking out loud." As a duck, do you need a special webbed-foot compatible keyboard?

Hey, do me a favor and pick a handle: Anon 3 seems so ... blank! It can be Donald, it can be Daffy -- heck, it can be Al L'orange if you like. Tx!